Week 25 Roundup

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Weekly Roundup Sports Section I’m a lifelong Mets fan so I'm obviously in love with RA Dickey right now. How incredible is this run of success? It's amazing for any pitcher, let alone a knuckleballer. This post is a bit long, but totally worth the read. (Edit: A late edition, but this RA Dickey infograph is really great.) Weekly Roundup Business Section I really enjoyed this piece and this follow up on The Struggle. These posts made me wonder if the struggle doesn’t have something to do the lack of underrepresented groups in the ranks of startup CEOs (in addition to other factors, obviously). Failure and unemployment often mean very different things for members of those underrepresented groups than it does for members of the groups we see at the top right now. This post on a difficult issue entrepreneurs struggle with is definitely worth a read. Even when the choice is clear, and has been for some time, it's difficult to pull the trigger. While gut wrenching, firing someone can be a valuable learning opportunity. If you can take the time to reflect on how you got to that point, on your emotions about the situation, what made you hesitate and what made you follow through, it can be a growth experience. If you can take the time to reflect on what is probably your shittiest jobs as CEO of a young startup, you can learn a lot and be a better leader for it. Weekly Roundup PSA I know I have a lot of friends who are cyclists. This is a serious problem and it needs to stop. I hope you all can help change the culture of tearing through stop lights, going the wrong way up one way streets and not thinking of bikes as vehicles. It's incredibly dangerous. Bikes need to respect traffic laws.  That's not to say that pedestrians and cars don't as well. They certainly do, especially since bicyclists are very much at risk themselves. We all need to consider the ways we interact with each other on the sidewalks, intersections, and streets, especially as we become a more bike friendly city (and I really hope we do).
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I am an organization development consultant, helping NY tech startups understand group process and the way group dynamics impact their teams.

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